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Direct Promotion

Promotion and Communication is engaged in the activities of an integrated marketing plan (budget and schedule) of the International Burch University. Coordinates the promotion of the university and has several functions:

  • Develop external and internal communication objectives and plans
  • Identify new prospects and decide what and how to promote (the most appropriate communication techniques)
  • Arranging publicity for the university in different places
  • Co-editing and implementing a common marketing plan and strategy
  • Conduct marketing research
  • Provide the public with information when requested
  • Implement and coordinate activities and cooperation with the Ministry of Education, as well as the principles and academic staff of all secondary schools in accordance with the plan and schedule.
  • Serve as the admissions office for the promotion of services, activities and responsibilities of universities, as well as to inform new students as possible with what we have to offer.

If you need assistance in organizing promotional activities, campus tours and visits please contact our marketing team and/or visit prospective.ibu.edu.ba